SPARK – digitalized immersive language learning

Teater Aros is a non-profit organization that works with changing and improving societythrough theatre. Since the foundation in 2009, we have taught Swedish through theatre to refugees and immigrants of various ages, both in school and in volunteer programs. We have developed our method over a decade, and we’ve seen amazing results. When our participants experience the language through multiple venues, the learning is accelerated. Creating safe spaces where bonds and friendships can flourish builds trust, and working together towards a performance creates an urgency in the group, which raises the stakes to learn.
Since the workshop in 2020, we have developed an online series, explaining the method and a list of exercises, in order to help language teachers to use the method as a complement to the ordinary class-room training. At the moment the material only exists in Swedish, but we
will translate part of the material in order to share it at DIE-days.
The SPARK method consists of 6 building blocks; group dynamics, movement, voice, written text, reflection and oral presentation. In this workshop, we want to focus on the building block “reflection”. The full workshop will thus consist of a seminar with professor Zachrison, a viewing of the online material and then going through a couple of the exercises, ending with a discussion.

Anna-Maria Wiklund Matala and Janya Cambronero Severin each hold a bachelor in drama
pedagogics. Anna-Maria works with drama in communities with special needs, and Janya is a
certified high school teacher, teaching theatre and business. They both come from a
background in theatre and founded Teater Aros in 2009. Since 2021 Teater Aros has its own theatre space, The Spraking Theatre, in Uppsala city.