Newsletter 09/22 (September)


Proceedings of DiE Days 2020

DOI: 10.25656/01:25321

This bilingual volume (English and German contributions) features keynotes by Nicola Abraham, Erika Piazzoli and Manfred Schewe. Moreover research articles on drama and language anxiety, drama in EFL teacher training, use of Leitmotifs in language learning, and theatre experiments. Best practice reports focus on “simulations globales” in teaching French, social art and a silent film project in a German language class. Workshop reports look at the role of the facilitator, still images, exploring industry scandals with drama, choral speaking and how to use the limitations of Zoom to advantage in online teaching.


Beecroft, R. (2022) The Performativity of the Intercultural Speaker: Promoting Savoir Agir through Improvisational Tasks. Kolloquium Fremdsprachenunterricht. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang. 59,95€

„Whilst the promotion of Intercultural Communicative Competence (ICC) is described as the main aim of foreign language pedagogy in Germany, its development from a performative-linguistic perspective lacks in research. To address this issue, this book argues that an extension of Byram’s model of ICC to encompass a further newly-developed savoir is necessary. Savoir agir makes explicit the interplay of intercultural and communicative competences present in the model and foregrounds its embodiment in ad-hoc oral interaction. Furthermore, the book emphasises the potential of methods derived from Improvisational Theatre for developing savoir agir in the language classroom. The second part of the book presents a longitudinal, two-year mixed-methods action-research study in which improvisational tasks were designed and implemented on a regular basis in four English classes with the aim of promoting savoir agir.“ (Publisher’s info)

N.Bilbrough (2021) Doing Remote Theatre. Short Run Press, 2021, 142 pp., £ 19.95. ISBN 978-1-80068-228-3.

„‘Doing Remote Theatre’ includes 3 chapters of comprehensive notes for teachers about how to bring this exciting new genre of theatre into our language classes, as well as 28 plays written especially for remote performance by leading names in the fields of literature, theatre and ELT. This is a large A4 spiral bound book and very easy to read and photocopy.“ (Publisher’s information)


Eikel-Pohen, Mona and Dolbier, Sarah. Fluchtpunkt Magdeburg: Documentation of an Integration-Oriented Theater Project (theater pedagogy/language didactics), English and German. 
Based on Dwight Conquergood’s key concepts of play, power, process, and poetics/language, this paper documents the theater-pedagogical model project Fluchtpunkt Magdeburg 2015 to2019, in which young people with and without refugee experiences living in Magdeburg, Germany, developed three plays and a film under dance- and theater-pedagogical direction with the pronounced goal of promoting social and linguistic integration. The aim of this documentation is to systematically describe the project and to identify successful elements that make future projects sustainable and feasible for planning and implementation in the long term.

Conferences and events

(in German:) Internationale Theaterpädagogik-Tage Brixen (IT): Theaterpädagogik ist … in vielen Sprachen! 28.-30.10.2022

Inwieweit kann Theater- und Dramapädagogik beim Spracherwerb helfen? Die Internationalen Theaterpädagogik Tage sollen die Diskussion und die Reflexion über diese Fragen auf den Weg bringen.

DOROTHY HEATHCOTE NOW 2022 – An International Conference. London (UK) 12/13 Nov 2022 + online (11 Nov 2022).

This conference will combine talks and practical workshops. It will explore the continuum between „process“ and „product,“ „experience“ and „form“ in drama work. We will look at how we can work with theatre texts, and also draw inspiration from them in our drama teaching. Places are limited.

Scenario Forum Colloquium (online)
17th Scenario Forum Colloquium – 24th September 2022 in English
2.30 (Cork) / 3.30 (Berlin) / 9.30 (Bloomington/US) GMT+1.
Susanne Even. Critical Thought, Word, and Deed: Drama pedagogy as a catalyst for critical empathic thinking

18th Scenario Forum Colloquium – 22th October 2022 in English
1.30 (Cork) / 2.30 (Berlin) / 8.30 (Bloomington/US) GMT+1
Jean-Marie Lapaire (Bordeaux)

19th Scenario Forum Colloquium – 26th November 2022 in English
1.30 (Cork) / 2.30 (Berlin) / 8.30 (Bloomington/US) GMT+1
Nicola Abrahams (London) / Eva Göksel (Zurich)

For further details/updates go to on our colloquium webpage at:

Calls for submissions

Provocations: drama+dance in education, volume 2. Holding Space and Bearing Witness through Drama and Dance

The second edition of Provocations: Drama+Dance invites contributors to consider how we hold space and engage students with storying through acts of deep listening, seeing, and presencing. We are interested in your drama and dance teaching and learning stories. We welcome the voices of teachers, teacher-artists, and students.Submissions accepted: May 1, 2022 – midnight (ET) December 1, 2022.

NJ: The Journal of Drama Australia has moved to the Scholastica platform. Editor’s information: „The Drama Australia Board members took the decision to move to this open access platform in order to expand our national and international readership (including of our amazing back issues), while also giving drama and theatre researchers the chance to have their work freely accessible across the globe. (…)[A]ll papers will continue to be double blind peer reviewed and must be relevant to the readership of NJ. (…) To celebrate this move, we are now opening a call for both papers and abstracts, with the goal being to help authors (including early career researchers), achieve a 2022 publication. [W]e are happy to accept full papers at any time. However, if you are hoping for a 2022 publication, we suggest you submit your work to the Scholastica site ( by October 1. This is an open call, so we are happy to accept abstracts and papers relating to the full scope of topics and contexts as outlined on the NJ site.“


New episode of the Drama in Language Teaching podcast, and more episodes to follow later in 2022!