DLT Podcast 09: Mona Eikel-Pohen and Sarah Dolbier

In this episode, Mona and Sarah talk about their research on “Fluchtpunkt Madgeburg”, a multilingual theater project.

We talked about their research on a theater project that:

  • offers multiple perspectives on migration
  • combines various theatrical traditions and approaches
  • had a strong focus on all participants “working at eye level”
  • resulted in trilingual performances

We also talked about the long-term sustainability of such projects in regard to arts-funding and if similar projects could be transferred into a foreign languages classroom environment.


Fluchtpunkt Magdeburg project website (in German): https://fluchtpunktmagdeburg.wordpress.com/

Research article:

In English: https://surface.syr.edu/lll/38/

In German: https://surface.syr.edu/lll/37/

Image source: Fluchtpunkt Magdeburg

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