DLT Podcast 10: Nick Bilbrough and Haneen Jadallah

In this episode I talk to Nick Bilbrough and Haneen Jadallah about:

  • The Hands Up Project, which started as an online storytelling venture targeted at teachers and children in Palestine and which is now a charity trust that involves English-learners all over the world in online theatre projects
  • The playwriting and performance competition connected to the Hands Up Project. (Deadline for this year’s competition: May 12 2023.)
  • The genre of remote theatre, its sub-genres and variants
  • The book Remote Theatre which includes a manual on how prepare live online theatre performances for remote audiences and a collection of short English-language plays by a range of authors


The Hands Up Project: https://www.handsupproject.org/

Stories Alive: https://www.britishcouncil.ps/en/programmes/education/stories

Memory Activities for Language Learning by Nick Bilbrough (2011), Cambridge University Press

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