Research (articles and theses)

New and new-ish articles and theses about drama in language teaching and related disciplines. Will be updated regularly. If you have an interesting article for me to add or if links are broken, please contact me.


Specialised journal on drama in language teaching: Scenario

overview articles:

Special issues:

Laura Loder Büchel, Nikola Mayer (Eds.) Languages on the Move (themed issue): Babylonia 3/2019.

Goodnight, K., Van Beuningen, C. & De Graaf, R. (2021). Perfect disguises: Building an evidence base for improvisational drama techniques. Scenario, 15(1), 1-27.
Seppänen, Sirke, et al. (July 2020) “Effects of Improvisation Training on Student Teachers’ Behavioral, Neuroendocrine, and Psychophysiological Responses during the Trier Social Stress Test.” Adaptive Human Behavior and Physiology, Crossref, doi:10.1007/s40750-020-00145-1.

Janzen Ulbricht, Natasha. (17 Juli 2020). The Embodied Teaching of Spatial Terms: Gestures Mapped to Morphemes Improve Learning. Frontiers in Education.

Bora, Simona Floare (7 Februar 2020). Curtain Up! Enhancing L2 Spontaneous and Authentic Speaking Opportunities through Play Scripts and Drama-based ApproachesC. RELC Journal.

Fiona Dalziel, Erika Piazzoli. 2019 (Article) “It comes from you”: Agency in adult asylum seekers’ language learning through Process Drama in: Language Learning in Higher Education – Journal of the European Confederation of Language Centres in Higher Education (CercleS): 18.07.2019 | DOI:

Jordi Casteleyn. 2019. (Article): „Improving public speaking in secondary education ― Exploring the potential of an improvisation training“. Open Access:

Baykal, N., Sayın, İ., & Zeybek, G. (2019). The Views of ELT Pre-Service Teachers on Using Drama in Teaching English and on Their Practices Involved in Drama Course. International Journal of Contemporary Educational Research.
Abenoja, Z. M. K. M., & DeCoursey, M. (2019). Using drama activities to teach beginner’s French to Chinese students at a tertiary institution in Hong Kong: An exploratory case study. Studies in Second Language Learning and Teaching, 9(4), 711–736.
Kalogirou, K., Beauchamp, G., & Whyte, S. (2019). Vocabulary Acquisition via Drama: Welsh as a second language in the primary school setting. The Language Learning Journal, 47(3), 332–343.

PhD and Master’s Theses

Kung Man Matthew Cheung (2021) Towards principles of performative pedagogy: Drama and additional language development (DALD)

Petra Schappert. 2020.  (PhD): Mit Dramagrammatik zu grammatikalischer Kompetenz: Eine empirische Untersuchung im Rahmen von Alphabetisierungskursen für Erwachsene. Tectum Wissenschaftsverlag

Georgina Dragovic. 2019. (PhD): Fremdsprachenunterricht (ent-)dramatisieren: Eine empirische Untersuchung zur Effizienz des dramapädagogischen Ansatzes im schulischen DaF-Unterricht mit speziellem Fokus auf Grammatik.

Dany Weyer. 2019. (PhD thesis) Investigating trust in a multilingual theatre project: Potentialities for a humanising pedagogy. A case study of a multilingual theatre project of a primary school class and a video ethnographic that explored details of classroom practices, (inter-)actions, and activities. Open Access:

Silja Weber. 2018. (PhD thesis) „The Role of Performance for Student Agency – a Discourse Perspective on Whole Group Interaction in Intermediate German Classes“. via ProQuest oder die Autorin.

Simona Floare Bora . 2018. (PhD thesis). Beyond the mere word. Exploring the language of Drama through text- and performance-based approaches for developing L2 oral skills. Open Access):

Kathleen R. McGovern. 2016. (Master’s thesis): „Performing Language and Identities: Adult Immigrant Students and the Creation of a Play“. Open Access: