New Books

Brian Edmiston and Iona Towler-Evans. Humanizing Education with Dramatic Inquiry, Routledge: 2022.

Victoria Campbell, Zoe Hogan. Connecting Through Drama, Currency Press: 2022.


Patrice Baldwin, Alicja Galazka (2021) Process Drama for Second Language Teaching and Learning

21.99 £


Enlivening Instruction with Drama and Improv : A Guide for Second Language and World Language Teachers book coverMelisa Cahnman-Taylor, Kathleen McGovern (2021). Enlivening  Instruction  with Drama and Improv: A Guide for Second Language and World Language Teachers.

Alice Savage. (2019). The Drama Book: Lesson Plans, Activities and Scripts for the Classroom. Alphabet Publishing. (25$) Publisher’s website:


Mark Almond. (2019) Putting the Human Centre StagePractical theatre techniques to develop teacher presence, rapport and a positive classroom community. Pavillion. Publisher’s website:

Silja Weber. (PhD Thesis). The Role of Performance for Student Agency – a Discourse Perspective on Whole Group Interaction in Intermediate German Classes, available via Proquest

Dany Weyer. (PhD Thesis) Investigating trust in a multilingual theatre project: Potentialities for a humanising pedagogy. A case study of a multilingual theatre project of a primary school class and a video ethnographic that explored details of classroom practices, (inter-)actions, and activities. February 2019.

Erika Piazzoli. (2018) Embodying Language in Action: The Artistry of Process Drama in Second Language Education. June 2018. 367 Seiten.

Olivier Mentz, Micha Fleiner (eds). The Arts in Language Teaching – International Perspectives: Performative – Aesthetic – Transversal
Reihe: Europa lernen. Perspektiven für eine Didaktik europäischer Kulturstudien. V. 8, 2018, 272 p., 34.90 €, 34.90 CHF, br., ISBN 978-3-643-80285-9. Verlagsseite

Simona Floare Bora . Beyond the mere word. Exploring the language of Drama through text- and performance-based approaches for developing L2 oral skills. (PhD thesis, open access):