DLT 01: Jonathan Sharp

Episode 1: interview with Jonathan Sharp (University of Tübingen)

In this first episode I interview Jonathan, who describes his journey from Scotland via Vienna to Tübingen (Germany) and tells us…

  • …how being a bit reluctant about drama in high school he ended up loving it,
  • …how working as an actor and teaching English simultaneously gave him the idea to combine the two and use rehearsal room techniques in English lessons,
  • …his experiences as an English language tutor at university who uses Drama in Education methods/applied drama e.g. with students aiming to be English teachers.

Show Notes

Drama in SPRACHPRAXIS at a German University English Department: Practical Solutions to Pedagogical Challenges (article in Scenario)

Macbeth in the Higher Education English Language Classroom (article in Scenario)

Tübingen University English department

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