DLT 06: Interview with Georgina Dragovic

In this episode I talk to Georgina Dragovic, a researcher and PhD candidate at Fribourg University in Switzerland. Amongst other things we talked about:

  • the consequences of the conventional way of teaching a foreign language (“coursebook approach”) (02:02)
  • the teaching difficulties in the Serbian school system (07:34)
  • the Pros and Cons for using drama techniques in the school context and attitudes of teachers towards using drama (10:20)
  • some problems of current research: critical and empirical studies on the impact of drama in foreign language teaching, the dearth of quantitative studies on the impact of drama in foreign language teaching and the transferability of study results (11:24)
  • Gina’s study that investigates if it is possible to teach German as a foreign language with drama under “normal” school conditions:
  • the aims, the research design and the instruments (15:49)
  • the results of the study (19:23)
  • the implications for practice and recommendations for research (22:57)
  • the school vs. university context: Gina and I talk about the different challenges of incorporating drama conventions, the forms of drama conventions and about the “fun and/or learning?” question (25:31)
  • possible future developments and next steps. (38:53)

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