Proceedings 2021 published

The Drama in Education Days 2021 proceedings have been published! With 8 contributions in English and 1 contribution in German, the proceedings focus on the practical impulses given during the conference. The proceedings contain the keynote by Juliana Saxton and Carole Miller and 7 workshop reports.

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The proceedings have also been published on PeDOCs:

Table of contents


1      Juliana Saxton & Carol Miller
Drama: The critical capacity to be a reader and writer of the world through the embodiment of self as other.

      Workshop Reports.

2      Nicola Abraham
Playing Pirates in Zoomland: Messing with Metaxis.

3      Stefanie Giebert
Suitcases, bags, and pockets – travel-related language games
Workshop report.

4      Stefanie Giebert
Secret agents abroad – a performative pronunciation workshop
Workshop report.

5      Eva Göksel
Where did the water go? Drama as a tool for exploring climate change Reflecting on an online story drama workshop.

6      Carrie Klewin Lawrence
Deconstructing The Red Wolves
Adventures of The Red Wolves, Breaking Zoom, and other Theatrical Experiments.

7      Perihan Korkut
Collective creative writing with Boal’s machine.

8      Georgia Theodoropoulou & Magda Vitsou
Distance drama activities Reading behind the “screens”: a case study in a migrant classroom.

9            Elisabeth Vergeiner
Blackout Poetry Slam im Online-Fremdsprachenunterricht.